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History of  Customs Administration in Iran

The Customs Administration in Iran date backs to the ancient times. At the time of Arsacid Dynasty ( third Century B.C ) , there was a regular Customs Organization , and its branches at borders registered the statistics of imports in a special book and received fixed duties. During this period exports were exempted from Customs duties.

At the time of the Sassanid ( fourth to sixth Century A.D ) the Customs duties were received as much as one-tenth of value or quantity of the imports .

This policy became wide spread in the Muslim countries upon entry of Islam to Iran . During the Safavied Dynasty the Customs duties were determined according to the value of the goods . From the Solar year of 1053   ( 1674 A.D ) the Customs was run on rental basis and this policy continued for more than two centuries.

In the Solar year of 1336 ( 1957 A.D ) the Customs joined the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. Presently , the IRICA is one of the organizations affiliated to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.